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Preventative Dentistry in Burlington

Good oral hygiene doesn’t just keep your teeth healthy, it’s also beneficial to your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to other health conditions such as heart disease. Regular brushing and flossing, combined with oral hygiene appointments and dental exams, are your best lines of defence against decay and infections.

Oral Hygiene

Every oral hygiene appointment begins with an Extraoral Clinical Assessment, which is a thorough examination of your head, face, skin, and lymph glands. This is followed by an Intraoral Clinical Assessment, which is an evaluation of your mouth, teeth and gums, tongue, and surrounding tissues. Finally, we’ll examine the surfaces of your teeth to check for decay or injury.

After the assessment, your hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, and then polish your teeth to remove any stains.

Dental Exam

A regular dental exam lets us detect problems before they start. Your dentist will examine the inside of your mouth and your teeth and gums. We may also perform an oral cancer screening and we may take X-rays of your teeth and jaws.

Contact our office today to schedule an oral hygiene appointment and exam.

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