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Cosmetic Dentistry in Burlington

Cosmetic dentistry can completely change your appearance. Whether it’s a small enhancement to one or two teeth or a total makeover, we’ve got you covered.


Veneers can make a dramatic difference to your smile. They can improve the shape and colour of your teeth, close spaces between teeth, or cover stains. They’re also a very good option to restore teeth that have been damaged or chipped.

Contouring and Bonding

Shaping techniques such as contouring and bonding are used to modify the appearance of single teeth by the removal of enamel or addition of dental resin. They are used to remove or cover stains, change the shape or spacing of a tooth, or repair chips or other superficial damage.

Ceramic Crowns

These crowns are used to totally restore the appearance of a single tooth that has been severely damaged or which can’t be treated with veneers or bonding. The ceramic material looks just like your natural teeth and the crown blends with your smile once it’s in place.

Enjoy a beautiful smile! Take the first step and contact our office to book an appointment.

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