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Periodontal Services in Burlington

Your gums and other tissues that support your teeth can be vulnerable to infection and injury. We provide scaling and root planing services to keep your teeth free from tartar, and we also perform extractions in the event a tooth needs to be removed.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is the removal of tartar from your teeth. Tartar is an extremely hard substance that can build up along the gumline and make your teeth and gums vulnerable to decay and infection. We remove the tartar with special instruments so your teeth stay healthy. Root planing is a similar procedure where we remove rough and irregular patches from the surface of your teeth. These patches can cause irritation and inflammation, which can make your gums susceptible to infection.


No dentist wants to extract a tooth, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to protect your other teeth or your overall health. Some of the reasons we may extract a tooth include severe decay, infection, impaction, or injury. We try to make extraction as painless as possible, and we’ll give you instructions on proper home care to prevent discomfort and allow your mouth to heal.

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