The 10 most annoying things at the gym

Sometimes, I seriously do wonder where on earth people pick up this weird crap they do in the gym?

10. Dropping weights when you finish you're set

Was that extra distance just too much for you to handle? Or we're you trying to smash the floor to pieces and impress everyone with how much you we're lifting? Nice one.

9. Filling up huge bottles of water

There is now a queue of thirsty people behind you. Are you even going to drink 2 liters in your 20 minute session or are you just scared we might run out? Well, I'm now really excited for my lukewarm water I'm going to be drinking since you've just taken all the cold. WOOP.

8. Touching weights on the machines

No! Do you hear that awful CLANGING noise? It's because you're doing it wrong.

7. Checking yourself out, incessantly

Do you really think you have suddenly become the hulk in the 30 seconds it's been since you HAVEN'T checked yourself out? Yep, that's right. You're still the same!

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6. Coughers

Like, I have my tunage totally blaring out my headphones, but I can still hear you coughing? Seriously, if you are that ill, try a lemsip or something! *Other cough medicine is available

5. Standing up on your bike

I know you've picked a tough level there, and IN REAL LIFE I would imagine you would stand up on your bike to get you up that last bit of the hill, but guess what? You're in a gym, and you can set the level of that thing.

4. Not wiping down

Ugh. Must I sit in your pool of accumulated testicle sweat? There are towels, paper towels, spray bottles or wipes. Choose your weapon.

3. Hogging the equipment

You have every weight I could lift, every barbell, every ab cruncher, kettle bell and bosu ball at your feet. Is there a specific reason you need to be using everything at once?

2. Not putting it back

Done hogging, you just swan off like putting all the stuff back where you found it is some huge issue just to move it now? BAH.

1. Extensive grunting

Okay, sometimes noises just squeak out sometimes when you least expect thembut you aren't Venus Williams? Calm down!

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