Welcome to Dentistry on Brant

Dentistry on Brant is a Burlington dental office that provides general and family dental services from implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, teeth whitening and more.

Whether you're looking for general, cosmetic, family, children's or emergency dentistry, we're a Burlington dental clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments using the latest in dental technology.

What is the first thing people see when you enter a room?

Your amazing smile! It tells people that you are approachable and confident! That's why when you choose Dentistry On Brant, we will take care of your cosmetic dental needs, teeth whitening services, and general dental care.

We Cater To Children's Dentistry and People of all Ages

Dentistry on Brant is a general dentistry family practice that welcomes people of all ages. Dr. New and her team are committed to making your dental visit as comfortable as possible, as if you were a guest in our own homes.

This will become apparent when you visit the office and meet our warm and friendly staff members who are happy to help in any way that they can!

A Dental Office that makes you Feel At Home

From the moment you walk into Dentistry on Brant you will feel at home. From the serene reception area, to the luxury dental chairs and televisions in every room, our goal is to make you feel calm and relaxed while getting your procedure done.

Our team wants you to be part of the decision making process regarding your health care plan. Using our state of the art tablets, we will educate you about various options in order for you to make the best decisions possible about your oral health.

Explore our website and make sure to visit our services page to discover all the wonderful things Dentistry on Brant has to offer!

Nervous? Leave your worries at the door, we provide all types of sedation!
Dr. Mary Anne New
General & Family Dentistry
Dr. Mary Anne New's dental office is now located on 713 Brant Street in Burlington Ontario at Dentistry On Brant. Come visit us or request an appointment online. For more information please contact Dr. Mary Anne New at Dentistry On Brant at 713 Brant Street Burlington, Ontario. 905-633-7373

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Reasons to Select Dentistry On Brant?

Around Dentistry On Brant all of us take being a dental clinic exceedingly gravely. All of us realize that undoubtably when individuals are searching for an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic they want the greatest. This is exactly why we endeavour to be truly the slickest dental clinic we all could be inside Ontario. It's our resolve to staying the standout that has garnered us all very significant esteem here with each of our consumers.

As an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic we all likewise definitely try to invest time to unravel each of our clienteles' concerns patiently and without waiting. We all without fail put in the time. We all really feel it's incredibly important to be certain consumers feel appreciated and even looked after.

Now there are truly not a lot of dental clinic which own the particular skill set coupled with experience to brand theirselves as being pioneer for their field. Incorporate that with our higher level of consumer support and we truly feel we're absolutely the best extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic around Ontario.

Just want to learn how to start?

It all begins with a quick call.

Phone 289 937-1699.

We'll be happy to discuss all your present dental clinic questions in more detail over the phone or maybe via e mail in case that works more effectively for you. Next we shall propose the option that most effective suits your situations circumstances. See the reason people do describe us as the best extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic!

Even Now Require Prodding? Different Arguments Why Dentistry On Brant is truly A Burlington Dental Clinic

Dedication to Elite Excellence - A Dentist In Burlington and A Dental Surgeon In Burlington

Our dedication to quality is actually exceptionally excessive. When you're looking to become an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic or an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, there is certainly in fact no other path but to really give it your level best in order to exceed expectations. If perhaps a given customer requires more time, all of us provide that consumer more work. Whatever is necessary to make certain they will be very pleased with all of us as a dental clinic. Don't forget, we work with virtually all of Ontario, therefore you should call.

Commitment - A Cosmetic Dentist In Burlington and An Emergency Dentist In Burlington

Our own purchasers have described us all as an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic combined with the top Ontario headquartered dental clinic you can find! Honestly this will not materialise if you're lacking unbelievably diligent work plus resolve for the all-important buyers and also the top quality bestowed in your completed work. Whenever you're shopping for an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, all of us absolutely feel that we are sincerely the very best pick. Simply phone Dentistry On Brant to speak about the needs you have ASAP! 289 937-1699.

Expertise - A Family Dentist In Burlington and An Extraordinary Burlington Based Dental Clinic

Within almost any niche, skill is a top issue in terms of results. In case you might be needing an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, that can be even more true. Being a dental clinic, all of us can explain to anyone in person how the final outcome is definitely driven simply by the working experience of the firm that you are contracting. The undeniably significant volume of practical experience that Dentistry On Brant provides in being an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, is simply just why a person must entrust us for your invaluable requirements. If you're searching to get an extraordinary Burlington based dental clinic, consider Dentistry On Brant. Certainly consult with us immediately.

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We refused to get underpriced. Do not pay ridiculous rates simply because you neglected to consult with all of us. Sure you are getting an outstanding quote now? Need to be positively confident? Speak with us here. You may just simply see that we are indeed most suitable company. Countless individuals have in the past.

Choosing the dental clinic to work with is a significant undertaking. Make an informed plan. You will want to chat with us all with absolutely no obligations to uncover yourself if we will be the very best dental clinic for your situation.

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