Welcome to Dentistry on Brant

Dentistry on Brant is a Burlington dental office that provides general and family dental services from implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, teeth whitening and more.

Whether you're looking for general, cosmetic, family, children's or emergency dentistry, we're a Burlington dental clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments using the latest in dental technology.

What is the first thing people see when you enter a room?

Your amazing smile! It tells people that you are approachable and confident! That's why when you choose Dentistry On Brant, we will take care of your cosmetic dental needs, teeth whitening services, and general dental care.

We Cater To Children's Dentistry and People of all Ages

Dentistry on Brant is a general dentistry family practice that welcomes people of all ages. Dr. New and her team are committed to making your dental visit as comfortable as possible, as if you were a guest in our own homes.

This will become apparent when you visit the office and meet our warm and friendly staff members who are happy to help in any way that they can!

A Dental Office that makes you Feel At Home

From the moment you walk into Dentistry on Brant you will feel at home. From the serene reception area, to the luxury dental chairs and televisions in every room, our goal is to make you feel calm and relaxed while getting your procedure done.

Our team wants you to be part of the decision making process regarding your health care plan. Using our state of the art tablets, we will educate you about various options in order for you to make the best decisions possible about your oral health.

Explore our website and make sure to visit our services page to discover all the wonderful things Dentistry on Brant has to offer!

Nervous? Leave your worries at the door, we provide all types of sedation!
Dr. Mary Anne New
General & Family Dentistry
Dr. Mary Anne New's dental office is now located on 713 Brant Street in Burlington Ontario at Dentistry On Brant. Come visit us or request an appointment online. For more information please contact Dr. Mary Anne New at Dentistry On Brant at 713 Brant Street Burlington, Ontario. 905-633-7373

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Should You Choose Dentistry on Brant?

Around Dentistry on Brant we all look at becoming a dental clinic incredibly earnestly. We know that undeniably any time folks are searching for a great Burlington based sedation dentist these people prefer the finest. Certainly continually endeavour to be the smartest dental clinic we all could possibly be around Ontario. It truly is our devotion to truly remaining the standout that has won all of us extremely good honor here with our backbone consumers.

Being a great Burlington based sedation dentist we also definitely strive to make time to answer all our buyers concerns patiently and with absolutely no waiting. We all inevitably spend the time. All of us insist it's genuinely essential to be certain consumers truly feel understood and even taken care of.

Certainly, there are usually not an excess of dental clinic who hold the exact expertise combined with experience to identify their business as a pioneer of their market. Merge this with our increased level of client support and certainly we really feel we are the best great Burlington based sedation dentist around Ontario.

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Even Now Need Convincing? Different Reasons Why Dentistry on Brant is actually A Burlington Dental Clinic

Devotion to Great Quality - A Dentist In Burlington and A Dental Surgeon In Burlington

Our commitment to good quality is actually incredibly high. In case you're wanting to be a great Burlington based sedation dentist or a great Burlington based sedation dentist, there is in fact not one other choice but to really give it your level best in order to shine. When any particular purchaser needs additional attention, we provide this customer further work. Anything at all to be able to be confident they are pleased with us all as a dental clinic. Remember, we do assistance practically all of Ontario, so you should contact us today.

Determination - A Cosmetic Dentist In Burlington and An Emergency Dentist In Burlington

Our clients have labeled our business as a great Burlington based sedation dentist, a great Burlington based sedation dentist, a great Burlington based sedation dentist coupled with the leading Ontario headquartered dental clinic you can find! Really that will not transpire unless there's extremely hard toil and investment in ones clients plus the superior quality inherent within your finished work. In case you'll be shopping around to obtain a great Burlington based sedation dentist, all of us definitely contend that we're the perfect selection. Simply phone Dentistry on Brant to go over the needs you have today! 289 937-1699.

Expertise - A Family Dentist In Burlington and A Great Burlington Based Sedation Dentist

With virtually any niche, experience really is a top factor in relation to final results. If you are needing a great Burlington based sedation dentist, well this fact is much more legitimate. With being a dental clinic, all of us will convey to you decisively that the end result is certainly influenced by the knowledge of the firm that you're employing. The undeniably large magnitude of knowledge that Dentistry on Brant offers in being a great Burlington based sedation dentist, is precisely why a person must entrust all of us with your important needs. In case you will be searching for a great Burlington based sedation dentist, consider Dentistry on Brant. Ensure you consult with us straightaway.

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