What are pseudonits?

When determining whether you or your child really do have a head louse infestation , it is important to realize that there are some things that may be in the hair that resemble nits but are, in fact, something completely different and usually harmless. These things are sometimes known as pseudonits and can cause diagnostic confusion. When in doubt get a medical professional or pharmacist to give an accurate diagnosis so as to avoid unnecessary treatment.

Examples of "pseudonits"

  • dandruff scales may give the impression of the hair being peppered with nits .
  • dirt
  • hair grooming aids can leave specks on the hair resembling nits .
  • pollen may present as small white flecks resembling nits at a quick glance.
  • hair spray flakes

As a general rule, if the item can easily be flicked away from the hair it will not be a nit (as a nit will be glued to the hair shaft and take more effort to remove).

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