Achieving success is really not that difficult....

Achieving success in whatever you desire is really not that difficult. Success requires only one secret ingredient; the discipline to devise smart goal setting activities and to follow through on them.

First, though, you must realize that goals are different than results. This common confusion is the primary reason why you may never achieve the results you desire.

For instance, you may think that losing 20 pounds is a goal, or that achieving financial freedom is a goal. But these are just the results of personal goals like becoming healthier or creating a vehicle that brings you wealth.

The results you seek are the motivation for your goals, but the goals themselves involve daily activities to accomplish them. In other words, results are to be visualized, while goals must be prioritized and actionable.

With that distinction in mind, here are 5 smart goal setting tips:

1.Keep a Journal:This simple step is vital if you're serious about taking control of your life. I keep a success journal that organizes my projects (goals), daily tasks, and my accomplishments. My journal is a simple notebook (instead of an electronic device full of distractions) that I write in each morning and review in the evenings. I date the page each day to better track my progress.

2.Prioritize Your Goals:Organize the goals in your journal according to their urgency. The first part of my journal spells out the long-term goals or projects that I'm passionately working on, with the ones closest to completion taking priority. Each day I reference these projects by creating task lists. Finally, I indicate blocks of time to accomplish certain tasks so nothing else interferes with them.

3.Visualize the Results: Think and Grow Rich is literally true. It's important to set aside quiet time each day to visualize accomplishing your goals and what it will be like to achieve your desired results. It helps me to write down exactly what I want to achieve as a foundation for these meditations. I spend 15-30 minutes each day meditating about the results I seek. The power of this technique cannot be overstated.

4.Celebrate Your Progress:As your daily tasks are completed put a check mark in your journal next to them. I tend to do this in the evenings. This gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am making progress toward accomplishing my results. It's very rewarding to know you completed certain daily goals and to celebrate those short-term achievements. Before you know it, your long-term projects will be complete and new goals will fill your journals.

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5.Be Grateful:The funny thing about being grateful for what you already have in your life is that it helps attract new things you want to have. You will never get what you want by always complaining about what you don't have or what obstacles you may face. By reflecting on what you're grateful for daily, you remove any negative thoughts about overcoming challenges that may lie ahead. In fact, you may even begin to welcome the challenges and become grateful for the lessons they bring.

These goal setting activities may seem tedious at first, but I promise that if you diligently do these simple tips, your goals will be fulfilled and results will be achieved.

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