Weight Loss Tips For The Height Challenged

It's not your really IS harder for us shorter people to lose weight in comparison to people who are 5'4? and up.

It's not something I'd really thought of until I got serious about losing weight. Any time I'd go on a diet, my husband would lose 15lbs, but I would only lose 2lbs. When we'd go for a long walk together, he'd burn 650 calories, and I'd burn 300.

Why? Because I'm 5'1? and he's 6'5?. His Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of energy your body expends when resting) is almost double what mine is. Mine is 1340 cal, and his is 2150 cal.

  • When he does one of my workout sessions, he burns an average of 800 calories, where as I burn a measly 450!
  • To maintain his weight, he can consume 2943 calories a day. I can only consume 1775!
  • If he wants to lose 2 lbs a week (through diet only), he can consume up to 1943. If I want to lose 2 lbs? I can only have 775 calories a day! Which is not even healthy!

Weight loss is a much slower process for us shorter people. That is something we need to be aware of when we start our journeys. Our stomachs and minds are used to much larger portions and we are more susceptible to overeating. The drop to a "normal caloric intake" for our bodies is a steep slope in comparison to our taller counterparts. And we really don't have the luxury of skipping workouts.

With that said, we need to be more diligent about our food intake, and make the most of our workouts:

Fill up on lean proteins and fresh veggies.

We need to utilize foods that are filling, and take longer to digest. A 4oz chicken breast is 180 calories, and will keep you full for hours longer than a 4oz McDonalds Cheeseburger that is 300 calories. Be smart with your choices so that you can make the most of your calorie allotment.

Eat 5 (small) meals a day

I would actually say that eating 5 meals a day at a regular frequency is more important that how many calories you consume. But I also don't want to give someone the license to go crazy with the calories just because they're eating frequently!

Try taking your daily allotted calories and break them up into 5 meals.

My day looks like:

Breakfast: 300

Morning Snack: 150


Afternoon Snack: 150

Dinner: 300

I know that 300 calories for a meal doesn't *seem* like much. But once again, a whole 4oz breast of chicken, is 180 calories. I generally eat 2-3oz of lean protein, and I eat a TON of seasoned steamed veggie's with it. For my afternoon snack, I eat a coffee flavored 120 calorie Greek Yogurt which fulfills my sweet tooth craving. There are soooo many ways to have a delicious filling meal with only 150-300 calories at my disposal. Plus, remember, our little bodies are not made to eat much more than that. It's just the bummer part of being small.

Do not skip meals!

When I skip, I eat more. When I skip, my metabolism freaks out and slows down. We can't afford to have our metabolism slow down! We need all the help we can get!

I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 2.5-3 hours to remind me to eat. It's annoying, but it works!

Water. Water, Water, Water.

Water not only removes waste (like the waste from fat breakdown) from your body, but it can also curb your appetite.

I have a 16 oz plastic bottle I drink my water from. I fill it up in the morning, and I drink it all before my next meal. In fact, I don't have my next meal until I finish my water. Then I refill after my meal and repeat the process. The benefits of water are too numerous to name here, but when it comes to weight loss, it is an essential part of the journey. So drink up!

Choose interval based strength training over straight cardio.

When comparing the calorie burn of a 5'1? 130lb 35 year old female.

  • Walking 4.0 (brisk) on the treadmill for an hour burns an average of 248 calories.
  • Zumba for an hour burns an average of 350 calories.
  • Interval Strength Training for an hour burns an average of 450 calories.

What walking, running and dancing don't have? Strength building. Interval strength training is a mixture of cardio and weights, so you get the best of both worlds. And it burns more calories! Remember, muscle burns more calories than fat in a resting body. So trade up your fat for some toned and leaned muscle to raise your metabolism and make it easier to get rid of fat permanently.

Being short isn't all bad! I leave you with a list of advantages of being short:

We can hide in a crowd, or simply by walking behind a taller person, to avoid people we don't want to talk to!

Ok, pause . Fb really is a good small business tool. Just got a message from someone at and I'm honestly interested! Okay, getting back on course here.

We fit better in small space. You know you tall people wish you could still play in a Kids indoor play land!

We have more leg room on airplanes, trains and in cars. Including being able to stretch out better in the back seat on a long car ride.

We don't have an issue hitting our heads on things. Less possibility of a concussion

People tend to think we're younger than we are. Maybe we wrinkle less because we're farther from the sun?? heh.

It's easier to find shoes in size 5 & 6, as opposed to more common sized like 7,8 & 9.

Speaking of, you can wear high heels and not worry about being taller than your partner. (TOM CRUISE)

You can hem your pants to be shorter, but you can't make them longer.

We get to shop in the Petites section AND the regular section.

We are never too tall for our beds. Sometimes not even a toddler bed.

If you trip, it's a shorter fall to the ground.

Pretty much always win a game of Limbo.

Many thanks needs to go to Hairstyle Blog who in fact provided me with the concept for this article in an Facebook message they sent me. Looking at their website they look like an adept hair care expert if anyone's curious.

Invaluable Sources - Many thanks for the proofread. I am the worst speller. - Where could I be without you? - Very nice website. - Thanks a lot for the late-night work Guadalupe :)

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