4 Keys to Dealing with Challenges

The phrase that I reminded myself of was Its not the situation that's important; it's how you respond to the situation. I learned manyyears ago that reacting usually isn't a wise move. Instead, if you wait until you've had time to digest the information and then respond, you're able to deal with things coming from a much better perspective.

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Here are some tips to help you deal with challenges:

1. Listen and don't judge

There are many sides to every story and if you listen with an open mind, you are actually able to hear the answers.

2. Be Present

Simply being there as an observer is very calming. If you remain calm, others around you calm down as well.

3. Don't take things personally

If you can remain objective and express your feelings without getting emotionally involved, the problem doesn't escalate.

4. Accept the situation

It is what it is, so simply accept it and handle it with honesty and integrity. Your confidence will increase and your perspective will clear.

Before heading into a meeting with a difficult person, think optimistically. This improves your performance and produces positive results. A couple of suggestions are:

  • expect a positive outcome
  • visualizewhat you want

Finally, as you look back and review the challenge, remember to ask for and accept support from those who care about you. This will help reinforce the positive things you did and quite often you will come up with suggestions that might help you deal with things a little differently in the future. View this as an opportunity which helped you to grow.

All these points helped me tremendously. I didn't lose any sleep and the situation didn't get blown out of perspective. I hope these tips help you out when challenges arise.

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